DME's Who Carry Hygeia

We created this thread to give current information about stock at the DMEs who carry Hygeia products. We are waiting to confirm two options for you and will post those as soon as they are confident they can handle your calls smoothly. We'll continue to update as soon as we get any news of this nature. This should make it easier for you to get information faster.


  • Sound Health Medical Supply -- Tacoma, WA -- 253-274-5000 (They bill many insurance plans including UHC, BCBS, Regents, etc.)
  • Iowa Methodist Hospital Des Moines, IA. Iowa Health Home Care at 515-241-4663
  • ProCare Pharmacy - Garden Grove, CA - 714-898-2959
  • Sound Health told me they "do not deal with breast pumps" and weren't able to help me.
  • We just spoke to them -- ask for Mary. (Sound Health)
  • Me- hi, can I please speak to Mary about ordering a breast pump?
    customer service rep- did you call earlier today?
    Me- no.
    csr- are you sure?
    me- yes
    csr- ok, hold on.

    csr- did someone refer you?
    me- yes
    Me- a Hygeia admin.
    csr- ok, hold on

    csr- do you have United?
    me- no I have BCBS
    csr-well, we dont have any in stock...we would have to order it. We could probably do that.
    csr- Actually...... we don't really deal with breast pumps normally.. I can refer you to some other places.
  • (Sound Health)
  • Katherine, I swear they said the same scrip to me. Except that the rep told me that hygeia should not be referring people to them as they do not fill breastpump orders. I asked for her name and she would not give it to me. She was pissy and rude.
  • We have Mary looking into it. Will give you an update -- so so sorry!
  • Do you know of any other providers that work with BCBS? BCBS in NC told me Edgepark and a local place only. The local place only sells urological supplies, so that was a bust. I was really hoping for an Enjoye for the closed system.

    oh, and thanks for everything you all are doing to try to help mama's looking for pumps - i think that says a lot about what kind of company you are are how important supporting moms and breastfeeding is to you. Wish all the other manufacturers and insurance companies were so progressive :)
  • We have a DME in NC working out all the details now. He already bills for 14 states, so that should help you @AmeliaB.
  • I have BCBS of Arizona. I was originally given Edgepark, Apria, and a local place called Symbius. Edgepark was the only place that has Hygeia pumps so I put an order through them about 3 weeks ago when they still had the Hygeia pumps in stock. They took a very long time to process the order, and when they finally did they were told by BCBC of AZ that I was no longer able to get my pump through them.
    I called my insurance and they told me that I am now only permitted to go through the local place. Unfortunately, they only carry the single electric pump by Medela =(

    I am trying to figure out a way around it as I would REALLY like to get a Hygeia pump if at all possible!

  • @Katherine -- let us give Symbius a call and see what we can do. Email us at and we'll work on it for you.
  • Done! Thank you Hygeia for helping all the moms out there trying to get pumps! Ypu guys rock!
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    Lactation Home Visit (Pam Holland, IBCLC) is not a DME but she can bill insurance. She's located outside Savannah, Georgia, and her website is She accepts Aetna and UHC and will be able to accept Cigna claims in the near future. Her phone number is 912-306-4619. She's eager to try to help any Georgia moms. She cannot bill outside Georgia at this time.
  • Sound Health just told me that Mary spoke to you yesterday and told you to stop referring people to them because they don't have any breast pumps :-(
  • ProCare doesn't have pumps or info yet. They took my info and said that they would be contacting me next week.
  • CherriCare (270-926-2252 - Ask for Justin -- can work with moms in the following states -- SC, GA, FL, VA, KY, OH, MD, PA, IN, WV, OK, NC, TN.

    A lot of these states haven't had ANY options so this is a great find for you ladies! : )
  • I'm trying to get an Enjoy through edge park & they have been out since the beginning of January, they also couldn't give me an estimate of when they'd have any available. :-( I have BCBS of Kansas City. If there are any other suppliers in my area I'd appreciate the info
  • @Lynn_Hicks, email us with the list of DMEs that they gave you to work with and we're happy to make some calls and see if someone would order one for you.
  • I sent the email withe supplier info. I appreciate any assistance that you can provide.
  • I am in Virginia and have Anthem Healthkeepers. Do you know of any DMEs that will work with me so that I can get a pump rapidly? Currently, I am renting a medela symphony but would love a Hygeia. My insurance comp said they will cover 80%. Pumping for preemie twins :)
  • Florida DME -- - Southeastern Medical Supply, Winter Haven, FL 33880
    Phone: 863-965-8856- Local, 866-363-7674 - Toll Free, 863.551.1777 - Fax -- Ask for Eric Hunt

    They accept many insurance plans, including BCBS, Medicare, Medicaid, Universal, Freedom and Optima.

    They are investigating shipping of pumps to moms outside FL but for now, FL moms only please.

  • Just spoke to Justin from Cherricare.....not contracted to bill UHC. Back to square one.
    Emma -0. DME's i can't get a pump from+5. :(
  • Southeasternms also does not bill UHC. Make that score +6 on dmes I cant getta pump from.
  • Comfort Care (in the Los Angeles area) - 323-666-0414 - ask for Heidi or Susan. They can bill most major insurance companies.
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    I would prefer to go through Norco. They are a DME supplier here in Idaho. Do you guys supply to them?

    This is contact for medical sales on their site; and main contact for Norco is Phone: (208) 898-0202
  • Does Hygeia supply Provider Plus (913)492-4508 or Advance Medical Solutions (913)745-4468?
  • Are there any DME's in Wisconsin who carry Hygeia? I'm trying to get one but it seems everyone is out of network that carries pumps. My insurance company isn't very helpful either -Anthem BCBS.
  • I am in MO and have United Healthcare any ideas where I might be able to get a Hygeia pump? I have an 11 week old baby and have been calling everywhere possible with no luck.
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