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I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with the benefits of a Hygeia pump vs a Medela. I was always told that Medela pumps are a one user pump because of cross contamination. I did not know that until now and I had used a Medela that was previous used with my son. Has anyone ever had an experience with the cross contamination? I am expecting my second child in August and since my Medela is very old I am looking at getting a Hygeia, but of course with any pump its a true investment. I have read in another post that Medela has the let down button where the Hygeia has two separate controls. I'm curious if anyone ever found that there was a difference in milk production with either? My son was never a huge eater and slept through the night almost right from the start so by 6 months I was struggling with my milk production and had to take fenugreek supplements to help with the production. This time around I would like to avoid taking anything if possible and I'm wondering if a change in a pump would help with milk production. I would be strictly breastfeeding my newborn so I'm not looking to pump for feedings. I would be pumping for storage and to use if need be as well as I would like to donate to a bank if I'm able to produce enough. I apologize to anyone reading this disjointed post. Like posted before I never have had to buy a pump before as a used one was given to me so I'm just overwhelmed with questions. If anyone has any advice or tips they would be greatly appreciated!


  • I used the Medela symphony for about a month after birth - it is the hospital grade multiple user one and I rented it from the hospital I delivered at. It did the job in the immediate post partum period for increasing my supply and later storing up extra when I had a bit of oversupply. However when I started pumping again about a month before going back to work to build up a freezer stash I found that my nipples and areolas were getting swollen and painful even on the lowest suction strength. It turned out to be a flange fit issue as my areolas had gotten more elastic and my nipples weren't as large as they had been postpartum. Anyway at this time my LC had recommended Hygeia as a personal use pump to buy for going backto work as I was planning to return my rental. She said in her experience given the open system of the personal use Medelas, there is an increased chance of mold getting into the motors - she has even opened up the Medela pumps belonging to her clients that have stopped working and found mold on various occasions. She said this is because the milk and condensation can get into the motor in an open system. There is definitely the risk of spores then getting into your pumped milk and going to your baby. she said this could be prevented with careful care and vigilance on your part but I just didn't want to take that risk.
    Furthermore anecdotally I have heard that the personal use Medelas lose suction over time, affecting your supply if you're pumping a lot away from your baby, like at work.
    I have used the Hygeia together with Pumpin Pal shields and I get more milk and empty my breasts in HALF the time it took on the Symphony with Medela shields. So in my experience the Hygeia Enjoye has been better than a hospital grade pump which are supposed to be the gold standard in terms of suction power.
    I like that the Hygeia has a separate controls for speed and suction - the symphony only had adjustable suction and two speed settings stimulation phase and milk removal phase. With the Hygeia I was able to customize the best combination of controls that yielded the most milk. plus the symphony would always have too strong of a suction when it switched to milk removal phase and it did it in 4 gradual increases so I had to dial it down 4 times each time.
    The Medela parts fit the Hygeia so I was able to still use them.
    I go back to work next week and have been using the Hygeia for about 2-3 weeks already. I have built up a great stash, more than 60 oz, which would last a whole work-week (my LC had recommended that amount as an emergency buffer). With the ease of use and the amount of milk I get each time I pump I am confident that pumping will go as smoothly as possible when I start work thanks to Hygeia!!
  • Oh and I didn't explicitly state this in my post, but the Hygeia is a closed system pump, so you cut down the risk of cross contamination (and the mold issue.) Just use a new personal accessory kit with a new user!
  • Also over the time I've used the Hygeia, I've gone from pumping 1.5oz after a feed to up to 4 oz after a feed. I usually get between 2.5 and 4 oz when she's been away from me. So it's helped increase my supply so that I have some buffer if and when my supply dips from pumping at work.
  • I have just received my Hygeia EnJoye and I have been using a Medela Pump in Style. I wanted the Hygeia because we had thrush for about a month and I am scared it could be in the pump. We haven't had trouble recently, just wanting to be sure for the future.

    I will come back once I have used it to report my findings!

    This being said, I have a lower supply and have to supplement around 4 oz in the evenings for my daughter. Could you give me tips to help increase by pumping? Thanks!
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